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      National telephone13785825616

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      ChoiceHengweiCreate a brilliant

      HengweiProduct specialized

      15 years of research

      Focus on the sale of machinery and equipment products

      Focus on central air-conditioning end products

      Has the most advanced production equipment and testing equipment

      First passed ISO9001-ISO2000 international

      Strength and quality of products recognized by the industry

      Advanced technology

      Strong technical force

      Products have passed the quality system certification

      Have a first-class design and R & D team, product continuous R & D update

      The introduction of the international advanced mechanical production line

      High efficiency and energy

      Operating costs more than ordinary machinery

      High efficiency, low operating costs

      One time investment is only half of the traditional mechanical investment

      Use clean renewable energy

      Performance security and reliability, quality stability

      Perfect after-sales service

      Any menace from the "rear

      Mature sound service system for customers to resolve worries

      Free technical advice

      Quickly to help you solve the problem

      7*24 hours professional hot line service



      Hebei Lianxing Plastic Co. Ltd.

      Hebei HENGWEI Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the manufacturers of Hebei Longmen milling machine and Longmen planer. With 10 years of experience in machinery manufacturing, it is a machine tool production enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The company is located in qianqingwa Development Zone, Fucheng Count…

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